Fall Inspiration: Look at These Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces!

Luxury outdoor living space with a pool, pergola, and firepit.

Fall is a great time to transform your outdoor living spaces. If you are looking to entertain a crowd for Halloween or Thanksgiving, the perfect place to entertain is your backyard. Houston features some beautiful weather that is perfect for throwing an outdoor party. You can even plan your next party months in advance to take advantage of Houston’s perfect weather for outdoor events.

Luxury outdoor living spaces can be created in a number of ways. Some of these include custom kitchens and sitting areas. Others are designed to create an oasis in the backyard. Whether it’s a simple patio or an elaborate dining room, luxury outdoor living spaces can turn a backyard into a relaxing retreat. You can also incorporate fire features or water features to create the ultimate outdoor living space. 

For those with a large outdoor space, consider adding a fire pit. Fire pits can be an elegant addition to a luxury outdoor living space. They can be customized to fit the space and blend seamlessly into the design of your home. Many premium fire pits are made from heavy-duty materials such as concrete and glass, and can be built to use natural gas or to burn wood. They are also extremely durable and will last for many years. 

A fire will not only provide warmth, but it will also make your outdoor space look inviting. It can be used to highlight specific features of your outdoor living space. It can also be used to add ambient lighting or to enhance a view. Fire pits can even divide spaces and block wind.

You can save money on your outdoor living space by choosing a 2-in-1 fire pit design. The below fire pit, for example, can be transformed into a food table or even a game table with the addition of a simple tablecloth. 

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After the meal or the game, remove the tablecloth and the protective covers, light the fire, and enjoy spiked apple cider or other fall cocktails as you cozy up with friends and family.

Another option instead of a fire pit, is a wood-burning or natural gas fireplace. This is a space-saving option especially if you have a smaller backyard, because they can be built against a wall or fence instead of taking up a lot of space.

A luxury backyard fireplace adds a touch of class to any backyard area. It’s a great addition to an intimate at-home date night, a holiday gathering of family and friends, or a fun backyard camping adventure. 

The fireplace in the example below uses natural stone to compliment the colors of the house so that it seems to be an extension of the house itself instead of an addition. 

The ironwork medallion decoration and matching chimney hood add elegance, making it an impressive and picturesque focal point of the backyard area. It offers ample space for wood storage and a fire screen for safety.  

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The size of your home should be taken into account when choosing a luxury outdoor fireplace. If you have a small patio or yard, a large fireplace might be overwhelming. On the other hand, a smaller fireplace may look out of place in a bigger yard. 

To make sure you get the right size fireplace, check the available space in your backyard and ask Pavertime to provide you with an estimate for the cost of the fireplace. 

If fire isn’t your preference, consider a water feature in your luxury outdoor living space. Functional and beautiful, outdoor water features add serenity and tranquility to a landscape. 

Whether you want a fountain to soothe your guests or attract more birds, a custom water fountain is an excellent way to drastically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

These features can be placed anywhere to engage the senses. They can enhance your home’s ambiance without overwhelming it. They can also be placed in unusual spaces, such as a courtyard, deck, or gazebo.

The perfect combination of materials, lighting, and color can help create a “wow” factor. Here is an example of a luxury water feature to consider for your landscape. 

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The natural stone is a lovely contrast to the surrounding foliage, and the flat surfaces on either side offer a perfect place to read, meditate, bird watch, or simply enjoy the surrounding area. 

Creating a backyard oasis is a top priority for many homeowners, especially as fall approaches with cooler weather and more opportunities for outdoor socializing. There are endless design options to choose from, so much so that the options can be overwhelming.

If you need some ideas that are suited to your backyard and a cozy fall gathering space, contact the professionals at Pavertime. We can show you our extensive design portfolio so you can identify the perfect elements to create a backyard showplace. 

Contact us today so we can help you transform your backyard into an autumn paradise!

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