Why Hire a Professional?

If you find that your home is no longer working for you and if renovation makes more sense that moving you might need to find a design or building professional who can help you create a plan within local building codes, a budget and a style that reflects your personality.  Now the important part of this equation is finding a reputable person that can communicate and work with you and is qualified to do the renovation you are needing. Pavertime has a skilled professional team to take on any remodeling project .  

You should determine whether you need a builder or and architect or a design firm that has both. According to the institute at the University of Texas in Austin the average cost of a design-build is 6.1 percent lower and the delivery speed is 33.5 percent faster.   But currently the AIA is reporting a backlog of projects at architectural firms of 4.5 months due to the high demand. If you have separate contracts with an architect or designer and the builder you may be more in control although it could be a slower process.

Be honest and realistic about you budget.  Home renovations vary greatly across the country. Some general costs compiled by Houzz research on the most common rooms to remodel. Kitchens smaller than 200 square feet average $25,800 if you are replacing all the cabinets and appliances.  And a kitchen remodel over 200 square feet would cost an average of $42,000. Bathroom remodels replacing the cabinets, countertops and toilet can cost 12,300 to 21,000 depending again on the size.  Both rooms costs would also vary widely depending on the finishes chosen.

“A small percentage of upfront money with a professional can really help clarify the scope of the project and the budget before you get too involved,” says John Frimin, general contractor at Build-A-Home.  A little more due diligence in your selection of professionals and planning in the beginning can save you many headaches in the process can take 5-6 months.

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