Helpful Tips For Harvey Aftermath

Hurricane Harvey was devastating for many South Texas residents.


Many people lost so much.  Now that the water has receded, it’s time to rebuild, which can seem like an overwhelming and impossible task.  Here are some tips on how to get your home back on its feet.

  1. Once the flood waters have gone down, it’s time to assess the damages done.  It is vitally important to be very careful when entering your home again.  The chances for electrocution and illness are very high.  Make sure all electricity and water is off to your home, and wear protective face masks to keep allergens and airborne molds out of your system.
  2. Brace yourself for the emotional impact of seeing your property for the first time.  The best advice is to be open and honest about what you’re feeling, and don’t be afraid to get professional help.  Children can be very emotional during this time, as well. 
  3. Take pictures of everything!  Your insurance company will want to be able to assess the damages done.  Take digital pictures of everything before you start to remove any additional water or clean anything.  This will help you and your family get the most help from your insurance company.
  4. Contact your insurance company and let them know your home was affected.  Understand that during this time, your insurance company will be busy with many phone calls, and even dealing with their own personal flood damages. 
  5. Drain water from your home, and close any holes in the walls and roof to prevent further damage.  You can partner with a contractor who can assist you with repairs, and rebuild your home to prevent future damages. 
  6. Assess the mold damage to your home.  Mold can start growing on water damaged property as soon as 24 hours after flooding.  Rip up any carpeting and hardwood flooring, and seek advice from a contractor about the best flooring to prevent serious water damage in the future. 
  7. Drink plenty of water, and don’t overexert yourself.  It may seem like the more you do, the better, but pay attention to how your body is feeling and take as many breaks, emotional and physical, as you need. 
  8. Wear waterproof clothing and plenty of bug spray.  Mosquitos fester in stagnant water, and can be carriers of diseases, such as West Nile and the Zika virus. 

It’s important to take care of yourself and your family during this time.  When you are ready to rebuild, Pavertime’s team is reliable and able to help you tackle these daunting tasks.

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