The control of fire was a pivotal moment in the cultural aspect of human evolution. Fire allowed early humans to cook food and provided warmth and protection. Fire also allowed for the expansion of human activity into the dark and cold hours of the night. Control of fire was a catalyst for the rapid growth of human society and dates back to between 100,000 and 400,000 years ago.

We have now mastered this control. You can buy a lighter for 99¢ at any gas station. Even with all the advances in human evolution and growth of our society, fire is still something that unites us. We all gravitate towards it. Just like it was over 100,000 years ago, sitting around the fire with our families and loved ones is a great source of comfort. Here at Pavertime, we understand the comfort of spending time with loved ones in front of the fire. We strive to create stunning backyard fireplaces that can become an amazing place for bringing people together. We offer gas log fireplaces as well as traditional wood burning ones. Our award winning landscape designers will work to create the yard of your dreams, and an outdoor fireplace at the center of it is sure to bring a wealth of warmth to your home.

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