Outdoor kitchens have been around for about a million year. Literally. Since humans first discovered how to cook food with fire. Moving fire into the home was a revolutionary luxury most families couldn’t enjoy for much of human history. This is why it is no surprise that the kitchen is returning to its natural place: the backyard.

All an outdoor kitchen really needs is a place for cooking. Today’s outdoor kitchen’s have evolved considerably and can work into any budget range. From a small space and small budget to a large patio, you can enjoy outdoor cooking without too much expense. There is also almost nothing an indoor kitchen can do that an outdoor kitchen can also accomplish. Gas hot plates, a wok, a sink, even an electric grill. The combinations are almost endless.

Hosting a party or a dinner outdoors, but having to cook indoors, takes away valuable time the host could be spending entertaining. Nothing is better than being able to interact with your guests while preparing the food. At Pavertime, our expert landscapers will help you plan out the perfect outdoor kitchen that makes the most of the space available. We are committed to creating one of a kind, fully customizable outdoor cooking and eating areas that will not only turn your yard into the place to be, but also add to the value of your home.

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