Leveling the Ground for your Paver Patio

Pavers can transform any backyard into a beautiful retreat.  They’re perfect to set the stage for family gatherings and backyard barbeques.  While it may seem simple enough to lay down some pavers, making sure the ground is level is key to having a great paver patio.

Before you break ground on your new patio, make sure that there aren’t any pipes or wires where you want to dig.  You can find this information online or by calling 811. Measure the area in which you want to add your patio. Measure the length and width and multiply by two to get the square footage.  Add about eight inches around the perimeter for safety.

Once you have decided on the paver stones you are going to use, measure the length and width of one of the stones and multiply by two to find the square footage.  Divide the area of the proposed patio by this number to determine how many bricks you will need. If you have pavers that lock together, measure the pavers when they are locked together to get a more accurate measurement.  

Outline your area with stakes and string to provide you with a visual of the patio while you work.  Be sure that the stakes are a bright color so you don’t trip over them. Make the string as high as you want your finished patio to be.  Slope your strings by a quarter inch for every one foot of land. Do this by taking the length of the plot, finding the corresponding slope angle, and lowering the stake nearest the yard by the right amount.  This step is not necessary if you plan on leaving space between your pavers.

You’ll need to find out how much gravel you will need.  Typically, the gravel should be six inches high and cover the entire area.  Dig up the area you will be putting your patio on. Take multiple measurements to make sure that the entire area is even, then fill in the open area with gravel.  Add your edge restraints around the perimeter of the pit. This is important to make sure your pavers don’t move after you have them installed. Put down a layer of landscaping fabric to protect against weeds and then add your layer of sand.  Your final step is putting in your new pavers!

To make sure your paver patio is done right and will last, contact professional pavers who can make sure you have your beautiful patio for years to come.

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