How to Keep your Pavers Looking like New

Nothing’s better than having a brand new patio in your backyard to use to entertain and relax.  Unfortunately, the elements can cause damage, stains, and unwanted algae growth.  Here are some tips to help keep your patio looking brand new.

  1. Sweep your pavers regularly.
    It’s important to sweep off any leaves, dirt, and debris that may fall onto your paver patio, especially if it looks like rain.  Any foreign product on your patio could stain, making it even harder to keep looking fresh.
  1. Use polymeric sand in between pavers.
    Filling in any cracks between your paver bricks will prevent weeds from sprouting up and hold your bricks in place.
  1. Buy a hose attachment.
    While power washers are ideal for removing hard to get algae off, if you buy a heavy duty attachment for your hose, power washing may not be as necessary to get your patio looking new.
  1. Create your own cleaning solution.
    It’s as easy as combining hot water and dish soap.  Scrub the deck with the solution using a deck brush, and the stains should lift up.  Oil and grease stains are trickier and will require a degreaser.
  1.  Use a paver sealer.
    Applying a paver sealer will protect your patio and make keeping it clean a breeze.  Water should be all you’ll need to rinse off your patio.

How are some ways you keep your paver patio clean?

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