Using Bluestone in your Landscaping

Don’t get bluestone confused with what the Brits call Stonehenge.  Bluestone pavers are used in hardscapes all over the United States.  Bluestone pavers come in two varieties; Pennsylvania bluestone and Shenandoah bluestone.  They are both limestones, but Shenandoah is mined in Shenandoah, Virginia, and Pennsylvania is mined in New York and Pennsylvania.

Bluestone is a great choice for patios, walkways, pools, and entryways.  It’s strong and it comes in beautiful colors. Shenandoah bluestone is bluish-gray and will get more gray as time goes on.  Pennsylvania bluestone comes in many different colors, such as blue, gray, brown, tan, and rust. You can purchase bluestone that is cut uniformly or more natural and in jagged shapes, depending on what type of project you’re creating.  

Bluestone is great for outdoor projects, as it can withstand the elements.  It’s great for any type of climate, hot or cold. Since it comes in such natural colors, it looks great with any landscaping, and it’s mined here in the US, so there aren’t any additional fees for shipping it overseas.  Its rough texture makes it perfect for outdoor walkways since it won’t get slippery.

One downside of bluestone is that it can be a bit on the more expensive side, since it’s a natural material and not man-made, like concrete pavers.  Shipping bluestone to the west coast will make it more expensive since it’s mined on the east coast. If you’re looking to put it around your pool, be warned.  The darker colors can get very hot and may make it unbearable for bare feet. For patios, if you decide to go with a natural cut, the bluestone may not be all one height, making it a little dangerous at night.  There is a thermal process that can be done to give the bluestone more of a smooth appearance.

Since bluestone is a natural material, even pieces that are uniform may not be perfectly uniform. There may be some natural variances such as crevices, stains, or divots. Most people who decide on bluestone consider these imperfections as part of the stone’s charm.  

Bluestone’s versatility makes it the perfect stone to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams, from modern chic to boho dream.  Call Pavertime to set up your bluestone project today!

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