Try These Heat Resistant Pavers to Cool Off Your Space

Travertine pavers against a bright blue filled pool.

Baking a loaf of bread in your mailbox or frying an egg on your car’s dashboard in the middle of summer is one of the fun quirks of living in the Houston area’s sweltering heat. Summer gets hot along the gulf coast, so we gravitate towards water. A refreshing dip in the pool or playing in a splash pad brings instant relief. But if you’re not careful when planning your pool surround or play area for kids, your feet might fry like a hot dog on the grill. 

While we wish we were magicians who could wave a wand and make hot surfaces disappear, the truth is that we’re not. You may not be able to get perfectly cool outdoor surfaces in the middle of July, but Pavertime can get you close. 

We are your dependable local paver installers with decades of knowledge and experience. 

Let us help you choose heat resistant pavers and outdoor living products that will stay cooler and help protect you, your loved ones, and even your pets from hot surfaces. 

Heat Resistant Pavers to Protect Your Feet

Everything gets hot when it sits in the Houston sun. Sadly, pavers that resist 100% of heat don’t exist. Every paver will absorb some amount of sunlight and warmth. Some pavers will retain more heat than others, though. 

On those scorching days, can you still safely enjoy your pool? Absolutely! With a few smart choices, you’ll be able to find pavers that will be more comfortable in the extreme summer heat. 

How Do You Choose The Right Paver?

The first step in choosing a heat-resistant paver is to look at what they are made of. Concrete absorbs heat, while natural stone tends to be cooler. One kind of natural stone, Travertine, stays 20-30% cooler than its other counterparts. 

The porous nature of Travertine allows it to hold onto moisture for longer, creating a much cooler and heat-resistant surface. If you’re looking for beautiful pavers that stay cool, these heat resistant pavers are your best choice!

The best news is that Travertine comes in a wide variety of designs and colors, making it an excellent choice that can meet your personal style choices. 

Pro Tip: Although Houston is known for high temperatures, the occasional freeze still happens. Travertine is safe for extreme heat but also handles freeze/thaw well, making it a perfect natural stone year-round.

The next step when choosing a paver to help keep your pool surround or patio area cooler to the touch is to consider the color. Think about the last time you leaned against a black car in the sun. Chances are, it was pretty hot. Dark colors absorb sunlight, allowing them to heat much higher than lighter colors that reflect the sun. 

Traditional red brick or modern black pavers might look fantastic around a pool, but they can burn feet and possibly cause hazardous situations in the Texas sun. 

If Travertine isn’t in your budget, another way to get heat-resistant pavers is simply by choosing light colors such as white, tan, or light gray. They won’t be as cool to the touch as a Travertine paver, but they can be cooler than their darker-colored counterparts. 

Creating Cooler Surfaces for Outdoor Living

Another great way to cool down your outdoor surfaces is by providing shade. You probably don’t want a large canopy of trees over your pool unless you like cleaning leaves out of it every single day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a shady spot to cool off. 

Adding shade structures, such as a pergola or trellis, are great ways to give your walkways (and feet) a break from the hot sun while also increasing the value of your home. 

Pro Tip: Adding a polycarbonate roof to your pergola provides shade to your yard when the sun is shining and gives you a dry area to hang out with your family when it rains. 

Trust Us to Keep You Comfortable in the Houston Heat

Pavertime is an established, trustworthy paver installation company in the Houston area. Houston is hot, but we know how to keep your backyard cool during the sweltering summer months so you and your family can enjoy now and for years to come.

Whether you’re looking to build a new pool surround with heat resistant pavers, add a pergola to your yard, or create a flat patio for your kids to have hours of fun on, Pavertime is here to help. 

You can enjoy your backyard this summer! Dont’ wait and call us at 832-831-6058 to schedule your consultation now.

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