Work With Our Paver Walkway Installers to Shape Your Space

Work With Our Paver Walkway Installers to Shape Your Space

DIY paver projects usually sound like a good idea until… the Houston heat kicks into gear, muscles you never knew you had suddenly hurt, the newly laid paver walkway forms a dam in your yard, and excess sand is everywhere. While some projects might be perfect for do-it-yourself, hiring paver walkway installers such as Pavertime will save you time, money, and muscle aches. 

Why Should You Trust Pavertime as Your Paver Walkway Installer? 

As professional paver installers we know our craft (and we’re used to the hard labor, too). If you need sections of your yard joined together or want to add a path to easily get to your car or garden, let us help you.

We’ll Help You Save Time

It takes time to plan out the perfect walkway. Rather than spending time outside measuring from point A to B, realizing there’s a tree root in the way, and doing it all again, we can come out and quickly identify the best route for any walkway. We’ll take all the measurements and come up with a plan and design.

Rather than spending your weekend at local home improvement stores considering the possible styles and paver brick appearances, you can go out to dinner, spend time with friends, or watch a movie. With our long history in the paver business, we know the different styles and how you can best use them in your walkway. 

Fun fact: Did you know smaller walkways do best with small pavers? Not only does it help the design be more visible, but it also helps prevent paver waste caused by cutting excess off of large pavers. 

We’ll Save You Money

As professionals, we know how much product a walkway will require and will plan accordingly. Trusting Pavertime as your professional walkway installer means you won’t have to worry about having an extra pallet of pavers sitting in your garage for the next few years or potentially making foundational mistakes that will cost more money. 

Not only can we save you money on supplies, but unlike concrete walkways, paver walkways can actually increase the value of your home. The uniqueness of your path adds valuable touches to your home’s curb appeal. 

Pavertime’s experience can help you quickly design a walkway that makes your neighbors do a double take. Together, we can create a coordinating colored border for your walkway or add accessible touches such as benches and wider-width walkways. We can even make your home safer by adding a beautiful nighttime touch with low-voltage path lighting along your newly installed paver walkway. 

We’re here to help you save money today while investing in the future of your home. 

We’ll Save Your Back

Our teams know heat and hard work. You can find peace knowing you won’t have to lug pavers around your property. You can take your chiropractor off speed dial and relax while we do all the heavy lifting. It’s easy to say we have your back in more ways than one!

Schedule Your Pavertime Consultation Today

Leave your DIY paver project to your local paver walkway installers. We’re here to help you get the walkway of your dreams. Whether you want to build a paver walkway or are looking to add a paver patio that connects to your driveway with a path, we can help. 

With a short consultation, we can craft up a plan and have you walking on your new walkway in no time. You can trust us with your time and home value. (And maybe you’ll even find time to finish painting that room you started a few months ago.)

Call Pavertime to schedule your free consultation today. 832-831-6058.

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