Use Keystone Hardscapes Permeable Pavers to Prevent Flooding

Photo courtesy of Keystone Hardscapes depicting Keystone Hardscapes Permeable Pavers being used in commercial circumstances.

Have you considered using permeable pavers? We all know Houston is a great place to live. There are everything from Broadway plays to excellent professional sports teams, a world-renowned rodeo, and a thriving arts scene. But regardless of the number of awards and acclaim Houston achieves, it will still be known for flooding. By using one minor change of plans for your hardscapes, permeable pavers can drastically help reduce flooding in your yard. 

At Pavertime, we love our sports (and most of us bet on our hometown teams,) but we refuse to gamble on products for our clients. When it comes to permeable products for use in hardscaping, there are several different non-paver options, including decomposed granite, loose gravel, and plastic paver grids. Still, we stick by one product that has proven to be superior and provides solid results time and time again – Keystone Hardscapes Permeable Pavers. 

How Can You Use Keystone Hardscapes Permeable Pavers to Prevent Flooding? 

Keystone Hardscapes Permeable Pavers come in two styles designed to allow water to drain into a permeable base. When using poured concrete, there is often nowhere for the water to go, or the water runoff is concentrated into an area that can’t handle it, causing more flooding or damage to landscaping. 

Using permeable pavers solves drainage issues commonly caused by pouring concrete slabs. 

Option #1 – Traditional Style Permeable Pavers

Keystone Hardscapes Permeable Pavers come in a traditional paver brick style that matches the look and feel of pre-existing paver patios or walkways. The Eco-Panorama line comes with softened edges and a textured surface that gives the appearance of weathered flagstone. Eco-Panorama comes bundled in three sizes, providing a rustic or old-world style appearance with varying widths and shapes.

These permeable pavers work by providing an enlarged spacer between the pavers, which is filled with material that helps water drain into a layer of aggregate and drainage below the paver surface. 

We know this can seem overwhelming, so we created this guide to help you understand how permeable pavers work

Option #2 – Contemporary Aesthetic ECO Citylock

Another fantastic option for permeable pavers is the ECO Citylock 5X10 by Keystone Hardscapes. While Eco-Panorama provides a warm and weathered appearance, ECO Citylock has a sleek and smooth style, perfect for contemporary and modern applications. The uniform, rectangular shape also makes this permeable paver perfect for creating various patterns, including basketweave and running.

Pro Tip: The smooth surface of the ECO Citylock 5X10 makes it one of the best products for creating a modern permeable driveway. 

Regardless of your style, both options allow water to drain between the pavers and into the aggregate and soil below, creating a win-win situation. Not only will your home’s curb value go up because of a new, beautiful, permeable paver driveway or patio, but you’ll no longer have to worry about that flood-created pond (and mosquito breeding ground) that appears in your yard when it rains.  

Our Team is Here to Help You

If you struggle with a flooded yard or are worried about the next hurricane season, call us and let us help. We’ll walk you through your options and recommend products that fit your goals and budget. And we’ll even make that team member who roots for “that other team” stay quiet. 

At Pavertime, we’re the experts that you can trust. Our team is trained by ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) in properly installing permeable pavers, and we know how to meet city restrictions and HOA requirements.
Let us help you solve your flooding and draining issues. Call us today to schedule your free consultation – 832-831-6058.

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